Organic Biostimulant Infinite Possibilities

What if the ability to increase plant growth came packaged in a pellet the size of a rain drop? 


What is Nano-Gro™?

Nano-Gro™ is a messenger. It is designed to use a plant’s chemical communication pathways that have developed as a result of millions of years of evolution to transmit a highly important message. When Nano-Gro™ comes into contact with the roots or the seed of a plant, the plant becomes convinced that it will undergo stress. This awareness triggers specific genes that cause the plant to improve fertility in an attempt to preserve itself and the species. The processes activated produce positive changes in the number and size of fruit produced as well as its protein and sugar content. In a secondary response, the plant intensifies its immunological response.

The genius of Nano-Gro™ is that it takes advantage of a plant’s existing compensation mechanisms to motive the plant to maximize its potential. These compensation mechanisms are dormant as long as environmental conditions such as weather, disease and other stressors do not deviate from a narrow band that varies from plant to plant.

What are the Benefits of using Nano-Gro™?

Increased Yields

By increasing crop resistance to stress, plants can focus on the effective uptake of nutrients. Thereby, growing faster and stronger.  

Boosted Resistance

 Activates plants immunological system and prepares the plant for any abiotic or biotic stressors in its environment. 


Nano-Gro™ can be used to grow organic crops. It is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), and has no adverse effects on the environment.

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