Coffee production with NanoGro

There are two basic methods for the germination of seeds. In one method, coffee seeds are pregerminated by spreading on a sand bed and covering with moist burlap bag sacks or straw. The seeds are watched closely and removed as soon as radicals emerge. An alternative method of germinating coffee beans is to mix the seeds with moist vermiculite or expanded polystyrene and keep in the polythene bag. Coffee seedlings are grown in nursery beds or polybags and are planted in the coffee fields when they reach 20-40 cm.
NanoGro is applied 3 times:
Soak coffee beans in NG solution for 40-60 seconds.
Water seedlings with the same NG solution in Nursery Bed when they reach 2-3 real leaves. Water the plant’s root system with the same solution when transferring it to the coffee field.

Important notes:
Coffee trees will benefit from NG by increasing yield, increasing the quality of fruit, and strengthening the root system that allows it to resist wind and other mechanical stress.